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BOTOX® has been the “best” option out there for a long time as far as neurotoxin injectables for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the brow, among other places. It also has been used for other things like migraine headaches and excessive sweating by some.  BOTOX has been the favorite for the last 20 years, and it has been safe and consistent with providing results.  Sure, there have been other neurotoxin products that have been released in that time, but BOTOX remained the front runner and fan favorite for sure.

Recently released, there’s a new player in the game of neurotoxin injectable products that doctors and patients alike are really excited about–it just got FDA clearance and was developed by Evolus, this new product is called Jeuveau (also known as #NEWTOX).  It is very similar to BOTOX, but the most exciting thing is that it has a smaller price tag and the results are just as promising! And we all love to save some money…

AV Cosmetic Surgery Center just received the first shipment of Jeuveau #NEWTOX, and the results have been REALLY great!   Allure reports that the FDA approval for treatment of glabellar lines marks it as the first new brand of cosmetic neurotoxin injectable to hit the market in nearly a decade.

Every year, the number of patients who are getting injectable treatments grows exponentially, and making sure that there are varied options that are safe and effective is paramount.


Jeuveau #newtox Specials: Get 40+ units of Jeuveau “Newtox” and receive a $75 Visa Giftcard. This is a limited time offer, and the number of gift cards are limited, so make sure to book your appointment soon!  You can schedule by calling 480-725-8627 or online right here.

Jeuveau #NEWTOX regular price is just $9.50 per unit!

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